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The Need


Corporate activities are complex. Operating multiple sites globally, exposes organizations to new risks and vulnerabilities. Internal threats such as “The Enemy Within”, and external threats: criminal, terror and nature borne.

  • How do we define and expose the threats?

  • Do we have the right processes in place?

  • Do our employees have the awareness level and the commitment to support in exposure and mitigation?


SecEng is a boutique Risk Management firm, focused on Enterprise Risk Management; including consultancy, training and operations.

SecEng operates successfully in Israel, USA, Africa, Europe and Asia, providing a wide range of services to Multi-National Companies and High-Net families.


We assist our clients in exposing, assessing and defining vulnerabilities in business operations. By doing so, helping define critical processes and assets.

Providing quality process-oriented Security Solutions to better prevention and mitigation.

  • Complex Security Designs 

  • Risk and Vulnerability Assessments

  • Operational Security Plans

  • Physical Security Enhancement

  • Red Teaming (Penetration Tests)

  • Crisis Management and Crisis Support

  • Business Continuity Planning

  • Evacuation / Relocation Planning

  • Investigation, Due Diligence and BVCs

  • Training to Security, Employees and Management

  • Specialized Audits

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